Products on the market are three years old

This is, depending on the market segment, the reality when it comes to product development and innovation. It means that the "new" product that your compatitor is selling now, was invented at least 3 years ago.

We can help you to introduce the next generation in time and with success.
To be at our customers service all the time, we focus on all new technology that is (becoming) available.
We find this extremely important as new technology will make new products possible, disclose new markets.

As examples, we keep track of global developments like:
  • Who is building new silicon fabs, where, why and for what?
  • This information is important to tell our customers what direction to go.
  • What silicon will be on the market, what will become the man stream?
  • What chips/devices are used in consumer electronics?
  • The impact of Bluetooth in a game computer is was a major push for this technology.
  • What is a hype, what is to stay?
Technological movements are emerging all the time. Some are just hypes, some are here to stay. Who remembers the vacuum cleaner with Fuzzy Logic control? By many it was believed to be the next closed loop control technology. It would make all traditional closed loop control advances outdated and old fashioned. The world up to now has proven differently

As companies with just one or two electronics development engineers, have difficulty to keep up with all these news, IBB serves as a provider for this expertise.
We can help choosing the technology for your product so that it is not outdated when you enter the market with it.