LLS2 - Industrial Level Sensor

Main characteristics
  • Measures the physical angle
  • Analogue 4..20mA output
  • Digital on/off output
  • Standard 24VDC power supply
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure

The LLS2 is a true solid state angle sensor. This means that it has no mechanical moving parts inside. It provides both an analogue as well as a digital output. The sensor operates simply in only one dimension.

LLS2 - fysieke verschijning

Digital output

The digital output switches (factory calibrated) when the bottom of the housing is horizontal.
When tilting the cable entry side (cable gland) the output switches on. When tilting the other side, the sensor switches to off. A hysteresis of ±0.5° is maintained to prevent controller oscillation.

Analogue output

In horizontal position, the sensor is factory calibrated to an output of 12 mA. This centre current is calculated as:
((20 - 4) / 2 ) + 4 = 12 mA
Please note that, also when only the analogue output is used, power needs to be suplied. This means that in all cases the Power common needs to be connected. In other words: the LLS2 is not a 2-wire transmitter.


Parameter Value Description/Remarks
Power supply 10..30 VDC
Digital output spdt Potential free change-over contact, cable entry-side up is ON.
Contact rating 125VAC/2A Switching capacity 60VA/30W.
Analogue output 4..20 mA Cable entry-side going up is positive.
Operating angle -4 .. +4 ° 0° (= 12 mA) when bottom is horizontal, factory calibrated.
Operating current 20 mA When relay is not activated (50 mA when relay is activated).
Cable entry 3..6.5 mm PG7 cable gland is used.
Length 98 mm Exluding cable gland
Hight 34 mm
Width 64 mm
Weight 250 gr
Housing IP66 Die cast aluminium housing.
Deliverables 1 The product shipped in a cardboard box.

  1. Products according customer specifications are available on request.
  2. All measuments and specifications are measured at the nominal supply voltage of 24VDC.
  3. Due to continuous improvements, the information in this documentation is subject to change without prior notice.


Inside the aluminium box there is a pcb with a row of screw terminals. The adjacent picture shows the meaning and use of each of these screw terminals.