Make profit by profit

As a basic rule IBB understands like no other that:
we can only help ourself by helping you
In other words: without your success, there is no success for us.

We do this by offering:

Sinds 1985, we have gained a lot of experience. This experience is available to you.


Currently, one of the most important keys to success in the field of product development is creativity. We can and will deliver the proof of this capability. Look around in this site or just ask.

We are a "producing developer", not just a developer or just an assembling company. We are also not a developing assembly plant.
The days of designing a product and go with the design to a manufacturer are long gone. In the 21th century it's about time to market and decreasing product life time. So a close relationship between owner and designer is a prerequisite.

Bright light - bright partners

Besides the "normal" marketing activities (converting contacts into contracts), IBB has developed good business with the approach of Bright light - bright partners.
This strategy consists of the pro-active approach of potential partners/customers with an idea that was internally developed. After discussing this idea with such a potential partner, there are 3 possibilities:
  1. the idea suits the (initial) target market and co-operation is started,
  2. the idea itself is dumped because of various reasons but is bringing the partners to new ideas that do fit a market,
  3. the idea is dumped and at that moment there is no basis for further co-operation.
It should be noted that every time one of the first 2 options are most likely to happen.