Partners of IBB

IBB, just like other companies, co-operates with other companies. Although the details of the co-operation are cannot listed here, we do recognise their importance.

Actum SolutionsActum Solutions

Actum Solutions is an independant software vendor. One of its major products is Realizer, a software tool. With the tool, users can define the functionality of (control-) systems by means of a block schematic diagram.

Realizer converts the diagram automatically to optimised program code for various microcontrollers or larger computer systems. Realizer is used by us intensively. In most cases the Realizer programming method is handed over to our customers. They are then able to maintain the functionality of the product themself.


Flexicontrol is a trading name of IBB. This name is used to market, sell, support and service the Flexicontrol products.
The Flexicontrol line of products are designed to make a unique and valuable combination of Realizer programming tools from Actum Solutions and the electronic developments of IBB.
Flexicontrol products are used in building automation and in machine control.