People are needed. Technology, machines and money make things possible, people make it happen!

Jobs at IBB

In the meanwhile we may be looking for you!

Do you feel attracted to the matter shown on this site and do you think that you can contribute to our succes? Please give us a call or send us an e-mail.
Our working environment (in the most outstanding part of the country) is peaceful and most pleasant. It complies with many wishes. No traffic jams, easy going people.
Our unique services and market approach (see Strategy), ensures you that there are many alternating tasks for you.
We keep in mind the following priorities when conducting business:
  1. create a pleasant working environment, this is a prerequisite for excellent achievements
  2. safeguard continuation.
Still not convinced? Give us a call on +31 72 576 2552 (Rene Balvers).
At this moment we do not have any vacancies.