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Application of electronics into products

We specialize in creating new products for our customers. We make use of the latest elekttronische components and (embedded) software. We are good at the use of electronics in products and we also enjoy it. We can supply custom work to make electronics suitable for your product. For you this means
  • among other things that:
  • Your products are flexible
  • you have an advantage over your competitors

Welcome to our home

Litterally, and fysically, our home is located in Heerhugowaard (Netherlands). The adjacent picture shows our office building. From this location our products are developed and shipped to our respected customers. We specialise in the creation of new products using state-of-the-art electronics and software. On this page there are two examples that illustrate our capabilities in the extreme.
You are most welcome to take a tour around this web site. If there's anything that needs clarification, please get in contact with us.

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